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20131003_142824My world is convoluted, random, and sometimes confusing, but it only matches all my roles in life: mother, student, teacher, artist, wife, daughter, writer. I love to laugh, believe in destiny, and try to see the silver lining around every cloud. Watching thunderstorms is a favored pastime of mine and I love living in a big city with lots to do. I don’t ever get to do any of it, but I like knowing it’s there.

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New venture: Amazon’s Kindle Worlds

Hey everyone! I know, I know, my posts have really been few and far between. Today, though, I have some news. I’ve published a novella with Kindle Worlds! Kindle Worlds (KW) is an author-sanctioned fan-fiction site, with a number of “worlds” to write in. One of my friends, Toby Neal, …

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My Site Redesign is Complete! (and some updates)

Come by and say hi! The content is (mostly) the same, but the look is different. I’ve got new images, and a new tagline (courtesy of the incomparable Cecily White, who is more witty  WITHOUT coffee than I am with a triple shot venti latte). As far as why I …

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Rainbow Lollipops and Unicorn Poop – Blogging at Demons, Dreams, & Dragon Wings today!

Ever since my daughter, Thing 1, was old enough to talk, she’s periodically had nightmares. She couldn’t always tell me what they were about, but the fear was always there. My solution: run interference. If you’re thinking about something else, then you tend to forget the scary. (I also told …

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