My Site Redesign is Complete! (and some updates)

Come by and say hi! The content is (mostly) the same, but the look is different. I’ve got new images, and a new tagline (courtesy of the incomparable Cecily White, who is more witty  WITHOUT coffee than I am with a triple shot venti latte). As far as why I …

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Fun Find, sort of

Well, under other circumstances, The World of Sessha Batto would absolutely be a Fun Find. However, the tragedy in Japan is dropping the “fun” level down significantly. Sessha is a brilliant writer, and though M/M erotic romance isn’t my thing, I’ll read anything she writes. She injects so much emotion …

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Fun Finds v 21.0

Okay. Who has autocorrect on their phones? Show of hands? Now, who knows about Just go to the site. It really needs no other explanation. WARNING: No eating or drinking when you click the link. I will not be responsible for choking or ruined electronics.