Setting new goals for 2013

I’m determined to get my mojo back. I have a story to write, and several to edit. And I can’t be sidetracked by life anymore.

When I started writing, I wasn’t bogged down with a bunch of rules or an understanding of story structure or theories on what was a better POV (point of view) for certain sub-genres. I just wrote. Granted, that first manuscript needed a significant overhaul, and is probably the reason I dread revisions more than any part of writing.

♪♫ I’ve lost that lovin’ feeling. Whoa, that lovin’ feeling. ♪♫ And dammit, I want it back.

There are a couple of things I plan to do to get it back. First, find a time that works best for me in terms of productivity and creativity. I know I’m not an early morning person (if you find me out of bed before 9 am, it’s under duress, I assure you), so expecting to write 2000 words in the 6-7 AM hour is…well, it’s asinine. But I’m not really a nighttime writer anymore, either. I get sleepy by 11 PM, so my days of writing from 10 PM until 3 AM are done. Besides, the kids are in school from 8 until 2:30, so it’s more ideal to get work done during those hours.

mnn2SRkThe second thing I’m going to do is set goals for each day. While the kids are in summer camp, I only get three days a week alone. Come August 7, they’ll be back in school every day and my goals will be more frequent. For every day I reach my goal, I’ll get a reward. Until Labor Day (first weekend in September), I’ll allow myself to go to the pool. If the weather’s not conducive, I’ll read a book, or take a nap. Something I enjoy.

Third, I’ll remove distractions. I plan to spend a lot of time at a Starbucks or other coffee shop with my laptop, notebook, and NO INTERNET. Yes, I know Starbucks has wi-fi, but if I don’t sign into it, I can’t access it. I’ll turn off my laptop’s wi-fi if I must. But I’m too distracted by Facebook, emails, and Twitter. They must go.

oa6pg8CFinally, I’ll have a game plan going into each writing session. I’m using some of the tips put out by writers advocating 10k days (like Rachel Aaron or P.D. Martin) , but I’m only aiming for 5k. Mostly, I want to try handwriting what will happen in the scenes before I actually write them, in a listed format. I think this will help me break through any roadblocks BEFORE I write.

With all this, I WILL have a finished story by the end of the year, if not way earlier.

Oh, and I hope to start blogging more regularly again. My progress, my plans to look into self-publishing, my cover art…and I’m sure I’ll have swag/books to give away from the Romance Writers of America Conference that’s happening next week.

Life? Bring it on.


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