I write novel- and novella-length stories in a variety of sub-genres. (Click the images for the links)

blond lady My historicals are Regency-set (including the wider range of “Regency,” after 1820, when the Prince Regent was crowned King George IV), and loosely based on myths of the constellations.
Paranormal cover These novels are based on another sort of myth – religious. No vampires or were-creatures in my stories, though.
rnc_tjlt0815a-300web1 Happily ever after with some extra steam? Yes, please. Contemporary erotic fiction with an HEA.
Amazon’s Kindle Worlds stories I also write in Amazon’s Kindle Worlds, which is author-sanctioned fan-fiction. I stick with romance, but not always in traditionally romantic worlds.


I also have a few works in progress on Book Country, a Penguin-owned site where you can workshop your novels and stories. Click on the buttons to go to my stories in each of the genres:

Urban_Fantasy Historical_RomanceErotic_small

(Genre badges are courtesy of Book Country)

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